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Instructions for the use of metal wound mats
Jan 22, 2019

Instructions for the use of metal wound mats:


1. The winding part of the gasket must be between the flange sealing surfaces. The width of the winding part cannot be widened at will, which will affect the pressing force of the bolt and affect the sealing performance of the gasket.

2, the basic type of gasket should not be used on the concave and convex flange, this is because the basic type of gasket under the axial compression of the flange, the inner ring of the gasket is easy to open the welding, resulting in gasket failure.

3. Under the conditions of high temperature, cold or frequent alternating heat and cold, large vibration, strong corrosive medium, etc., the gaskets for flat flanges and convex flanges are well equipped with inner rings of reasonable materials.

4. Never replace high material gaskets with low material gaskets. Avoid material corrosion or other causes of gasket failure.

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