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Measures to prevent seal gasket failure
Nov 21, 2018

Due to the failure of the sealing gasket, the static sealing point runs, rushes, drops, leaks, and the heavy equipment causes the equipment to stop working, and even causes major disasters (fire, oil leakage, poisoning and other safety accidents). Therefore, it is very important to prevent the failure of the gasket. The following are measures to prevent the failure of the gasket:

1. Use the gasket reasonably and upgrade the gasket if necessary.

For equipment that transports flammable, explosive, highly toxic, highly corrosive media, pipes, containers, and according to the operating conditions to improve the gasket's high resistance, pressure rating. That is, use a gasket with a higher temperature and pressure rating.

2, correctly install the gasket

The gasket and flange surface must be cleaned during installation; check the surface of the gasket for radial scratches, and the roughness of the flange surface is appropriate; when installing, place the gasket in the correct position and use the torque wrench correctly. The gasket gets the correct bolt preload.

3, reasonable storage gasket

Non-metallic gaskets must be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not leak in the sun or in the open air. The box of the storage gasket must indicate the technical data of the type, size, thickness and specifications of the gasket to avoid misuse.