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Modification of PTFE gasket sheet OTH2120
Oct 22, 2016

Modified plate OTH2120

Inorganic fillers, it evenly into the PTFE material made by processing.

Modified polytetrafluoroethylene as compared to pure PTFE has a high compressive strength, wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, thermal expansion, reduced the advantages of multidirectional filament inside the structure, so this product has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion, no cold flow or creep, can maintain a reliable seal for a long time.

The plate fillers inorganic and does not contain any binder, no adhesion with the sealing surface, on the same sealing surfaces repeatedly. Easy to cut, can be machine or hand cut, easy to install. Aging is not a problem, long-term preservation.

Body color: white or blue

Suitable temperature:-180-250 ℃

Media: PH 0-14

Normal size: 1524mm*1524mm thickness 1.5-8mm

Users can purchase, flange diameter themselves according to their own equipment cut into gaskets can also put forward their demands by the suppliers of prefabricated form.