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PTFE sheet gasket swelling OTH2110
Oct 22, 2016

Bulk sheet OTH2110

By PTFE expanded and high sealing plate, do not contain any adhesives and additives. Has very strong of anti-chemical corrosion performance; special design makes pad has is strong of anti-creep variable cold flow performance, to guarantee sealed process in the bolt tight solid force of stable keep; has is good of flexible sex, and compression back elastic, and resistance high low temperature sex, and not aging sex, and since lubrication sex,; soft easy cutting, can through mechanical or manual cut, easy installation; has unique of conform to forming capacity, without special increased pressure tight force, greatly extended flange of using life. Cover sealing surface is irregular, the sealing property is reliable, especially gas sealing performance.

Body color: white.

Suitable temperature:-180-250 ℃

Media: PH 0-14

Normal size: 1500mm*1500mm thickness 1.5-3mm

Users can purchase, flange diameter themselves according to their own equipment cut into gaskets can also put forward their demands by the suppliers of prefabricated form.