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Spiral gasket use defects - falling apart and crushing
Aug 02, 2018

Spiral gasket are easier to "scatter" and "crush" for structural and manufacturing reasons.

1, falling apart

“Brocketing” includes the following two situations:

In one case, the gasket is broken and damaged during manufacturing, transportation, and installation. This is because the wound gasket is only structurally bonded to each other by the steel strip, and the gasket cannot be formed into an integral and firm structure, so that it is easy to spread and damage. In particular, the gaskets with larger diameters are more likely to be “scattered” due to careless handling during transportation.

In another case, the wound gasket is subjected to a large pressing force during use, and the welded joint of the outermost layer is likely to be pulled and damaged under the action of the circumferential force, so that the entire gasket is “scattered” and finally Causes the seal to fail.

2, crush

“Crush” is due to the large pressing force of the gasket during use. The internal stress generated by the compression of the filler acts on the inner steel strip in the radial direction, so that the steel strip is subjected to external pressure. When the pressure exceeds a certain value When the value is obtained, the steel band surrounded by the steel strip is like a thin-walled container which is unstable due to external pressure, and is partially recessed in the direction of the ground, causing damage to the gasket and eventually causing the seal to fail. The higher the pressing force of the wound gasket, the more the size of the gasket becomes more likely to "crush".

From the field situation, many of the wound gaskets used for heat exchange equipment and containers have been used to disassemble the flanges and have been found to have been "stitched" or "crushed" and the leaks often occur from these locations. Therefore, the wound gasket has better sealing performance, but at the same time, it has the disadvantages of being easy to fall apart and crush.