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The role of gasket
May 31, 2018

Before using gaskets correctly, we must first of all make it clear how the gaskets play a huge role. The role of gaskets in addition to prevent oil leakage, leakage, leakage, leakage between the mating parts of the parts, there are some fastening anti-loosening effect.

Through the role of the above gaskets, we can easily see that if the gasket is not properly used, it is too thick or it is not suitable for the correct type of gasket. Oil leakage, air leakage and other fault phenomena will certainly occur between the components. Examples for the card!

Example 1

The engine cylinder pad is too thick. The original manufacturer uses an iron cylinder pad. In daily maintenance, many users install non-original asbestos pads or other types of cylinder pads themselves, resulting in a lower compression ratio. Such phenomena are expected.

Example 2

Copper pads are used for the mating surfaces of injectors (injectors) and cylinder heads. If asbestos pads or other metal gaskets are used instead, the problem of ablation of the injectors due to poor heat dissipation can easily occur.

Example 3

If the gasket between the diesel engine fuel injection pump and the fuel injection pump (diesel pump) is too thick, the amount of oil and the pressure of the delivery oil will be insufficient, and the power of the diesel engine will decrease.

In addition, if spring washers, lock washers, and gaskets are missed, the joint surface is not tight enough to cause loosening or oil leakage. If the engine repair kit has a hole in the middle of the gasket and forgets to open the hole, it will easily lead to blockage of the oil passage and the water channel. The phenomenon of the engine burning tile holding shaft and the water tank boiling will also occur frequently.

In this reminded the majority of maintenance personnel or diggers have a certain maintenance technology, maintenance and replacement of excavator parts, remember not to lose sight of each other, gaskets, although small use, once ignored is most likely to cause a disaster!