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Types Of Gaskets
Oct 22, 2016

1. oil resistance asbestos composite gasket: oil resistance asbestos rubber gasket from high quality asbestos, oil-resistant fibers, fillers, colouring agents and other refined form, are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry pipeline and equipment, according to conditions you can choose the appropriate level of the model. Application: oil-resistant asbestos gasket: mainly used for steam, water, gas, oils, solvents, and non-corrosive medium seal.

2. high pressure asbestos rubber sheet gaskets: asbestos rubber gasket with asbestos, sealing rubber as raw materials coupled with rubber compounding and filler, after mixing, heat roller made of molded, curing processes. Asbestos rubber gaskets for the formula, technological properties and uses of the different, can be divided into general asbestos rubber gaskets and oil resistance asbestos rubber gasket. According to different temperatures and pressures can be divided into low pressure asbestos rubber gasket pressure asbestos rubber gaskets and high pressure asbestos rubber gasket. Suitable for water, steam, oil, solvents, moderately acid, alkali sealing, asbestos gaskets are used in medium and low pressure flange seal.