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Eyelets wrapping machine

  • Graphite Metal Double Jacketed Machine

    Contact NowGraphite Metal Double Jacketed MachineSpecifications Machine for Metal Jacketed Gasket Machine for metal jacketed gasket Item No.: JSM-MJ10 It is used for Double jacketed gasket, for wrapping the gasket filler. Work range: From 200 Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.8KW Net Weight: 275 KGS Dimension: 95x50x116 CMRead More

  • Graphite SS Tanged Gasket with Eyelets

    Contact NowGraphite SS Tanged Gasket with EyeletsSpecifications Ginseal SS tanged Graphite Gasket Cut from Expanded graphite complex sheet material which is processing with professional equipments, graphite gasket has excellent characteristic that is enduring in the high temperature and corrosion. It is the sealing component of the pipe,...Read More

  • Grooving Machine For Outer Ring

    Contact NowGrooving Machine For Outer RingSpecifications Grooving Machine for Inner Ring Grooving machine for IR Item No.: JSM-IR10 It's for making groover for inner ring of SWGs Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.88KW Net. Weight: 345 kgs Work range: 250mm ~ 2500mm Dimension: 200*87*150CMRead More

  • Metal Kammprofile Serrated Groove Gasket Machine

    Contact NowMetal Kammprofile Serrated Groove Gasket MachineSpecifications Kammprofile Gasket Machine Kammprofile gasket machine Item No.: JSM-KM10 It is for kammprofile gasket, groove metal gasket, kammprofile bar. Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.88KW Net. Weight: 350 kgs Gross Weight: 407 kgs Work range: From 250mm Dimension: 101*82*133CMRead More

  • Stainless Steeel Spiral Wound Gasket Welding Machine

    Contact NowStainless Steeel Spiral Wound Gasket Welding MachineSpecifications Spot Welder Spot welder item No.: JSM-SW10 It's for welding filler of SWGs Voltage: ~220V Power: 6 KW Net. Weight: 26kgs Dimension: 48*36*46CMRead More

  • Manual Vertical Big Size Winding Machine

    Contact NowManual Vertical Big Size Winding MachineSpecifications Manual Vertical Big Size Winding Machine Manual vertical big size winding machine Item No.: JSM-WD12 It is for SWGs' filler (Sealing Element), vertical type Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.4KW Net. Weight: 160 kgs Work range: 150mm ~ 1500mm Dimension: 115*76*125CMRead More

  • Metal Tape Shaping Machine For Eyelet Gasket

    Contact NowMetal Tape Shaping Machine For Eyelet GasketSpecifications Metal Shaping Machine for Eyelet Gasket Metal shaping machine for eyelet gasket Item No.: JSM-TS10 It's for shaping the metal strips. Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.20KW Net. Weight: 120 kgs Work range (thickness): 2mm ~ 6.5mm Dimension: 80*51*107CMRead More

  • Eyelets Wrapper for Tanged Graphite Gasket

    Contact NowEyelets Wrapper for Tanged Graphite GasketSpecifications Eyelets Wrapping Eyelets wrapping Item No.: JSM-EW10 It's for Expanded Graphite gasket eyelets. Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.2KW Net. Weight: 160 kgs Work range: 40mm ~ 2500mm Dimension: 88*48*128CMRead More

  • Double Knives Cutting Machine

    Contact NowDouble Knives Cutting MachineSpecifications Double Knives Cutting Machine Double knives cutting machine Item No.: JSM-CU10 Cutting the rubber gaskets inside diameter & outerside diameter together at the same time Work range: 20mm ~ 2500mm Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.75KW Net weight: 150KG Dimension: 90× 55× 87CMRead More