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SWG machine

  • Grooving Machine For Outer Ring

    Contact NowGrooving Machine For Outer RingSpecifications Grooving Machine for Inner Ring Grooving machine for IR Item No.: JSM-IR10 It's for making groover for inner ring of SWGs Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.88KW Net. Weight: 345 kgs Work range: 250mm ~ 2500mm Dimension: 200*87*150CMRead More

  • Stainless Steeel Spiral Wound Gasket Welding Machine

    Contact NowStainless Steeel Spiral Wound Gasket Welding MachineSpecifications Spot Welder Spot welder item No.: JSM-SW10 It's for welding filler of SWGs Voltage: ~220V Power: 6 KW Net. Weight: 26kgs Dimension: 48*36*46CMRead More

  • Manual Vertical Big Size Winding Machine

    Contact NowManual Vertical Big Size Winding MachineSpecifications Manual Vertical Big Size Winding Machine Manual vertical big size winding machine Item No.: JSM-WD12 It is for SWGs' filler (Sealing Element), vertical type Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.4KW Net. Weight: 160 kgs Work range: 150mm ~ 1500mm Dimension: 115*76*125CMRead More

  • Metal Kammprofile Serrated Groove Gasket Machine

    Contact NowMetal Kammprofile Serrated Groove Gasket MachineSpecifications Kammprofile Gasket Machine Kammprofile gasket machine Item No.: JSM-KM10 It is for kammprofile gasket, groove metal gasket, kammprofile bar. Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.88KW Net. Weight: 350 kgs Gross Weight: 407 kgs Work range: From 250mm Dimension: 101*82*133CMRead More

  • Graphite Metal Double Jacketed Machine

    Contact NowGraphite Metal Double Jacketed MachineSpecifications Machine for Metal Jacketed Gasket Machine for metal jacketed gasket Item No.: JSM-MJ10 It is used for Double jacketed gasket, for wrapping the gasket filler. Work range: From 200 Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.8KW Net Weight: 275 KGS Dimension: 95x50x116 CMRead More

  • Double Knives Cutting Machine

    Contact NowDouble Knives Cutting MachineSpecifications Double Knives Cutting Machine Double knives cutting machine Item No.: JSM-CU10 Cutting the rubber gaskets inside diameter & outerside diameter together at the same time Work range: 20mm ~ 2500mm Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.75KW Net weight: 150KG Dimension: 90× 55× 87CMRead More

  • Metal Tape Shaping Machine For Eyelet Gasket

    Contact NowMetal Tape Shaping Machine For Eyelet GasketSpecifications Metal Shaping Machine for Eyelet Gasket Metal shaping machine for eyelet gasket Item No.: JSM-TS10 It's for shaping the metal strips. Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.20KW Net. Weight: 120 kgs Work range (thickness): 2mm ~ 6.5mm Dimension: 80*51*107CMRead More