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ceramic glassfiber tape cloth

  • Glassfiber Filled Glass Microspheres Moldified PTFE Sheet

    Contact NowGlassfiber Filled Glass Microspheres Moldified PTFE SheetSpecifications Filled PTFE Sheet GINSEAL PTFE Sheets can provide very low resistance with mating components to offer a free running sideway surface requiring minimal momentum to move products or components. It has a very low surface energy and does not adhere to the flanges. PTFE sheet is...Read More

  • Corrugated Graphite Self Adhesive Tape

    Contact NowCorrugated Graphite Self Adhesive TapeSpecifications Graphite Tape / Self-Adhesive Graphite Tape Graphite tape / Self-adhesive graphite tape Item No.: JSP-EX10 1--Corrugated graphite tape with/without self-adhesive coating, with corrosion inhibitor, are all available on request. 2—Density: 1.0 g/cm3. 3—Thickness availability: as...Read More

  • Metal Tape Shaping Machine For Eyelet Gasket

    Contact NowMetal Tape Shaping Machine For Eyelet GasketSpecifications Metal Shaping Machine for Eyelet Gasket Metal shaping machine for eyelet gasket Item No.: JSM-TS10 It's for shaping the metal strips. Voltage: ~380V Power: 0.20KW Net. Weight: 120 kgs Work range (thickness): 2mm ~ 6.5mm Dimension: 80*51*107CMRead More

  • Expanded Self-adhesive PTFE Joint Selant Tape

    Contact NowExpanded Self-adhesive PTFE Joint Selant TapeSpecifications Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Item No.: JSP-EP10 The GINSEAL expanded PTFE joint sealant has proven to be excellent for sealing flanges on machines, tanks, housings, pumps, gearbox covers, water level valves, etc. Despite its high level of breaking and...Read More

  • Ceramic Glassfiber Heat Resistant Material

    Contact NowCeramic Glassfiber Heat Resistant MaterialHeat Resistant Material Item No.: JSA-HM10 HEAT RESISTANT MATERIALS FOR FIREPLACES & STOVES Feature Heat resistant products for fireplaces and stoves are many and varied, made to suit specific conditions. The products needed vary based on whether the application is an open fire, free...Read More

  • Ceramic Graphited PTFE Asbestos Free Metal Single Jacketed

    Contact NowCeramic Graphited PTFE Asbestos Free Metal Single JacketedSpecifications Ginseal Metal Jacketed Gasket An economical seal for where sealing faces are narrow and it can be produced in a variety of shapes. It is used for heat flanges, exhaust gases, narrow flanges. GINSEAL jacketed gaskets are made of a thin metallic outer shell that contains a resilient...Read More

  • Graphite PTFE Asbestos Free and Ceramic Filler for Spiral Wound Gasket

    Contact NowGraphite PTFE Asbestos Free and Ceramic Filler for Spiral Wound GasketSpecifications graphite tape: Thickness:0.5-0.7mm Width:3.0,4.5,5.5,7.2,8.5mm Other sizes please contact us. Filler for SWG Item No.: JSU--SW10 Features: Strips for making Spiral wound gasket. The material is available for graphite, non-asbestos, PTFE, ceramic fiber, etc. Main Index (graphite):...Read More